PAM-NTDOM: Compile Errors

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jul 10 11:40:09 GMT 2000

> I never meant to imply that it was.  Let me give a 
> bit of history here.  Luke and I (and others) have over 
> the months and years had discussions over issues 
> similar to this.  Luke has in the past wanted to make 
> UNIX into NT in every aspect.  Not necessarily from a
> services point of view, but from an architectural 
> point of view.  

both.  the possibility of being able to tell microsoft, here, install
these services on this version of linux, with these libraries, then hit
"compile" on your office msdn development environment, and you will get a
native linux office suite.

> I disagree.  Not that I think one is better than the 
> other.  I simply think Samba is an interoperability tool,
> and not an operating system.

samba requires support from the OS it is running on.  we can provide a
mapping between NT and unix worlds as best we can [and will have to
continue to do so].

direct support from the underlying OS to provide that interoperability -
e.g a filesystem that provides Unicode direct-to-disk - would be of
enormous benefit.
> This is probably capped off with having to merge 
> rpcclient from TNG into HEAD at the moment has 
> rather irratated me. ;-)

kudos to you for taking _that_ task on.

> Finally, releasing a version that does not even compile
> (
> is in bad form, considering that the README file in the 
> same directory make no mention of the changes we have 
> been discussing.  

*shrug*.  pam_ntdom is not a high priority for me.  plus, the way that PAM
works makes it difficult to securely provide the exact semantics of nt

so, for those people who have been asking, i tell them that pam_ntdom is
superceded by winbindd.

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