PAM-NTDOM: Compile Errors

Joseph A. Martin (The LaterDude) martinja at
Sun Jul 9 02:50:54 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter <gcarter at> writes:

> ok.  Let's ask the admins.  How many people think 
> that having to run netlogond and lsarpcd in order
> to use pam_ntdom is a good idea?  Please send 
> me private mails and I will tally the results.
> No need to clutter the list.

Okay, I am sending this to the whole list because I wanted to give
some reasons for my vote.

Short answer: I think it is a good thing.

Long answer: I dislike the extra overhead of having to grab the latest
TNG sources, compile and install everything and to get pam_ntdom
working. However, I do like the idea that my system works in as
similar a manner as possible to NT as far as login is concerned. I
think pam_ntdom is a good marriage of the Linux and NT methods of
doing authentication and since we are marrying Linux and NT this is
good thing overall.

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