Error using Netbench 6.0 for benchmarking

Buchan Milne bgmilne at
Sat Jul 8 18:03:32 GMT 2000


I'm using Netbench 6.0 from ZD NEt Labs to convince all the anti-unix
people here that samba/linux can do a better job at file serving. I am
using 2.0.7 and will be implementing an NT Domain using the samba box as

When I run netbench, it runs fine until it tries to start the 2nd "mix"
(the first one with more than 1 client) that it cannot remove the
semaphore logout.sem (stored on the share netbench uses) I checked the
permissions, and the user that is running netbench on all the machines
has permissions to delete the file. Manually deleting the file does not
work until all the client machines have logged out. Does this have to do
with oplocks ? Here is the output o smbstatus at the time when the file
can not be deleted.

I promise to post the results comparing NT Server 4.0 with
linux2.2.16/samba2.0.7 on a dual booting 500 Celeron with 64MB ram and a
13 GB UDMA66 hardrive with Highpoint 366 controller (should be pretty
conclusive, since the only difference between the 2 wil be the location
of files on the hard drive)

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455    DENY_NONE  RDWR       EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  /home/samba/bench/netbench/NETBENCH/initmix.sem   Sat Jul  8 21:49:34 2000
500    DENY_NONE  RDWR       EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  /home/samba/bench/netbench/NETBENCH/logout.sem   Sat Jul  8 21:50:15 2000

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