PAM-NTDOM: Compile Errors

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sat Jul 8 13:54:24 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Carter <gcarter at> writes:

    Gerald> On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Elrond wrote:
    >> I somehow remember, for pam_ntdom to work, you must run
    >> netlogond localy or somesuch... Take a look at
    >> pam_ntdom/README

    Gerald> I'm sorry, but that is just bad.  Was that Luke's idea?
    Gerald> That makes pam_ntdom unusable. :-( A PAM module should not
    Gerald> require you to turn your machine into a server.

You're not turning your machine into a server.  All NT boxes
(Workstations and Servers) run NETLOGON.EXE as a service that
WINLOGON.EXE (in conjunction with MSGINA.DLL) communicates with when
you log on to a domain.

Complaining about having to run netlogond to log on to an NT domain is
like complaining about having to run ypbind to log on to an NIS

In addition, netlogond is around 119K in size on my box.  Do you
really want a pam module of that size being loaded for every login?


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