PAM-NTDOM: Compile Errors

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Sat Jul 8 13:22:27 GMT 2000

On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Elrond wrote:

> As far, as I know, pam_ntdom has been integrated into TNG.
> So you should checkout TNG from cvs and try
> 	make bin/
> I somehow remember, for pam_ntdom to work, you must run
> netlogond localy or somesuch... Take a look at
> pam_ntdom/README

I'm sorry, but that is just bad.  Was that Luke's idea?
That makes pam_ntdom unusable. :-(  A PAM module should not require
you to turn your machine into a server. 

> Tim Potter also wrote a new pam-module, that works together
> with winbindd, but I don't know much about that either, you
> might try:
> 	make nsswitch nsswitch/

I'll take a look.  Thanks Elrond.

> Some information on setting this up is in
> docs/manpages/winbindd.8.
> But I don't know much more about these things, since I
> didn't yet try any of them. (aix doesn't have nss or
> pam...)


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