PAM-NTDOM: Compile Errors

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jul 7 20:32:33 GMT 2000

Ben Meyer wrote:
> I am trying to compile the pam_ntdom version 0.24 but I 
> am getting an error message stating that there is a parse 
> error on every line where a DEBUG(LEVEL,MESSAGE) is. If I 
> comment out all the lines in the file keeps
> compiling until the next file that a DEBUG(LEVEL,MESSAGE) in 
> it. I don't want to comment out all of these lines since I 
> am guessing they are for the error logs and are necessary 
> to correctly diagnose problems after compilation. I 
> am running RedHat 6.2.


Your analysis is correct.  I noticed that about 2 -3 weeks ago.
Haven't had time to do try and fix it.  Luke?  Are these 
your changes?

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