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Fri Jul 7 17:54:26 GMT 2000

I have poured over the samba 2.0.7 documentation, and have found
bits & pieces of what I want, but not  everything.

I find it hard to think that no one else hasn't done / isn't doing what I
want, which is:

To host shares off a linux / samba server that I do admin, that gets its user
authentication from an NT machine of which I am not an admin.

Say the domain is "authdom" and there exists a user "joe"

If I don't know the NT password for joe, is there a way for me to host
a share on the samba server just for user "authdom\joe" ?  What
about a global group from "authdom"

I have read that in order for a user to get a share off the linux machine, they
must have an entry in the smbpasswd file, but if I don't know joe's
authdom password, is there no way to get that entry automatically


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