Yet another oddity

Elrond elrond at
Fri Jul 7 17:38:02 GMT 2000

On Fri, Jul 07, 2000 at 05:57:06AM +1000, Paul J Collins wrote:
> >>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Geddes <mgeddes at> writes:
>     Matthew> Also, We have a couple of Windows 98 (first and second
>     Matthew> edition) laptops which occasionally steal Master browser
>     Matthew> status from the PDC. Not sure what's up with *that*. ;-)
> There's an option somewhere in the TCP/IP properties in Windows 9x; I
> think it's on the NetBIOS tab, or maybe Advanced..  It's called
> "Become Master", and turning it off on your 98 boxen may help.
> Issues such as these can turn up if you run more than one protocol on
> your network; I believe that elections are fought over separate
> protocols, and the TCP/IP browse master may not be the IPX/SPX browse
> master.  (I think this is correct.)
> There one of the browsing text documents (BROWSING.txt ?) in the Samba
> distribution covers all of this, including the reason for WINS (hint:
> subnets) and why you should only use one protocol on your Windows
> boxen.


There's a tool, that comes with the ntreskit, called
browser monitor, you can look at all the browser masters
for each protocol, quite interesting.

And if you realy need to run more then one protocol, make
sure, TCP/IP is prefered, because that's, where samba
lives. :)


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