tng 2.5 doin strange things

Ralf Huelsmann r_huelsmann at
Fri Jul 7 07:38:39 GMT 2000

hi !

my tng on suse 6.3 is working as pdc with nt4/w2000 clients.
they have roaming profiles.

first, i don´t know how i can set the userdir (hhomes) to any
directory i want like  /samba/%U

tng ist realy slow on a netfinity 1000 piii 550mhz 128mb ram.
there are only 7 clients.

next (making me realy worry): in the top-directory of the smaba shares (an
profiles shares) tng is writing more and more strange files with no names,
names only made of spezial-chars and something like this.

i still havent found the dou to the new tools like samedit. any place i can
get them ?  anybody who can mail them ?


Ralf Huelsmann   Kempen      Germany
Office:  r_huelsmann at
phone +49 2152 962010   fax +49 2152 962009
Mobile:   r_huelsmann at   phone +49 171 2170401
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