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Paul J Collins pjdc at
Fri Jul 7 00:19:30 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc at> writes:

    >> From: Matthew Geddes [mailto:mgeddes at]

    >> Surely you'd think that Windows 98 would lose an election with
    >> an NT PDC.

    Gregory> Nope, often not.  Win98 is NOT a network operating
    Gregory> system, it doesn't even participate well on a network.
    Gregory> DHCP doesnt' work well, DNS doesn't work well from DHCP,
    Gregory> WINS doesn't work properly at all...  Leave Win98 for
    Gregory> home users when at all possible.

>From this can I conclude that Microsoft's definition of a "consumer"
OS is "so b0rked that only a fool would rely on it to make a profit"?

I've had to support Win9x in a business environment and it's not fun.


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