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Edward Schernau ed at
Thu Jul 6 20:07:21 GMT 2000

Paul J Collins wrote:
> >>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Geddes <mgeddes at> writes:
>     Matthew> Also, We have a couple of Windows 98 (first and second
>     Matthew> edition) laptops which occasionally steal Master browser
>     Matthew> status from the PDC. Not sure what's up with *that*. ;-)
> Issues such as these can turn up if you run more than one protocol on
> your network; I believe that elections are fought over separate
> protocols, and the TCP/IP browse master may not be the IPX/SPX browse
> master.  (I think this is correct.)

Yes, part of the browser election process is that the loser, based
on OS level, etc., will demote itself.  If it is the master browser
for another protocol, it assumes it has won the election (maybe 
a 98 box beats a 95 laptop in NetBEUI) so refuses to submit to Samba.

An NT PDC must be "domain master" and "local master", IIRC, whereas
in Samba, they don't have to be the same machine.
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