Using NT 4.0 WKS and Novell Client - GOOD NEWS!

Darren Hammond darren at
Thu Jul 6 17:33:52 GMT 2000

> I'm going to download TNG at the weekend and start looking at that. 
I got itchy fingers last night and downloaded 2_5_GOOD - much to the annoyance
of my wife.

I wish I did this ages ago. The thought of CVS downloads & compiling things
usually makes a beginner like me feel queasy.

No problems compiling and now both my Terminal Servers and Workstations can log
into the domain with the Novell Client installed. I'm one helluva happy man.
: - ))))))))

One thing though - Do I understand the use of ntpass correctly? Use it as
ntpass username to change a user's password. It keeps reporting FAILED.  It's
not a problem as I use createuser username -p password to reset it if I need to.


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