Problems using Samba in AS/U Domain

Fabian Pehla FP-Samba-ML at GMX.NET
Thu Jul 6 18:48:05 GMT 2000


I've found some strange problem while trying to join a Domain controlled
by an 'Advanced Server for Unix' (AS/U) on AIX. It seems to me, AS/U is
just emulating NT 3.51. 

When I try to join the Domain using 'smbpasswd -j DOMAIN' an error like
"auth challenge failed" or so occurs. So I'm not able to change the
password for the Machine-Trust-Account which belongs to the SAMBA
Client. There seem to be no errors in the AS/U log.

Does anyone know how to get Samba joining this domain? Is there any
switch at compile time or in smb.conf which I didn't find?

B.t.w.: I'm Using Samba 2.0.7 on GNU/Linux Kernel 2.2.14



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