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James Nord nord at
Thu Jul 6 13:36:48 GMT 2000


I got an updated TBNG today and am about to compile but I'm a little
confused on some of the compile options.
(RH Linux 2.2.16 kernel)
Could someone answer the following please?

What is --with-smbwrapper ?

I want to be able to do DFS alla NT ie access \\mymachine\sharename\dir
but actually get \\someothermachine\sharename\dir but which of the
following options do I use?


Whats the difference between them?

	Which do I need to be able to store account info in an LDAP server?
	Is there someone who has put together a good samba/ldap FAQ?

	Will this build me a server capable of talking both SSL and non SSL or
will I need to compile one with-ssl and one without ssl?
Will the --with-ssl comunicate directly with the Win2k SSL/TLS SMB

Thanks for your help,


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