Yet another oddity

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Thu Jul 6 03:43:53 GMT 2000

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> Paul J Collins wrote:
> > It sounds like Samba has been configured to compete with the PDC in
> > the browser elections, and NT-based PDCs expect to be domain master
> > browser and local master browser (I think).  As a quick test, try
> > setting the following in the [global] section of smb.conf:
> > 
> >     domain master =
> >     local master = no
> >     preferred master = no
> >     os level = 0
> I have found that doing this with Samba can quite often leave you off
> the browse list. I usually have everything set to yes, but 
> have a low os
> level. It forces an election that it will always lose. It 
> usually makes
> it appear in the browse list.
> Also, We have a couple of Windows 98 (first and second 
> edition) laptops
> which occasionally steal Master browser status from the PDC. Not sure
> what's up with *that*. ;-)

It's pretty simple, probably.  I'm willing to bet that these machines have
file and printer sharing installed on them.  If not, they're you're totally
SOL, because they shouldn't even be able to act as master browsers without
it.  To fix it, open the properties for MS file/printer sharing, and turn
"Browse Master" to DISABLED.  If that doesn't fix it, then you've got some
other issues on your network...  Later,

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