Yet another oddity

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Wed Jul 5 20:40:28 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Westkamper <mjwestkamper at> writes:

    Mike> We suffered a blue screen of death on the NT PDC. The
    Mike> Linux/SAMBA server remained on-line. Upon reboot of the PDC
    Mike> nobody could log on. A little investigation points to the
    Mike> fact the Linux/SAMBA apparently took over as the PDC or at
    Mike> least partially so. The NT box reported that there was
    Mike> another PDC for the domain.

It sounds like Samba has been configured to compete with the PDC in
the browser elections, and NT-based PDCs expect to be domain master
browser and local master browser (I think).  As a quick test, try
setting the following in the [global] section of smb.conf:

    domain master = 
    local master = no
    preferred master = no
    os level = 0

and then try booting the Samba box followed by the NT PDC.  However,
seeing the in smb.conf question would be a help.


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