Samba And and NetApp Filer

Kenneth Oakeson oakie at
Wed Jul 5 18:52:25 GMT 2000

I need some help. I can map the NetApp filer, but when I do a 'ls' in the
directory I get errors. Saying that the file or directory does not exist and
I know the directories and files do, you can see them when you map the
NetApp with NT. If you know the name of the directory you can change into
it. I can also map NT with samba just fine with no problems. The NetApp is
running a CIFS server so it should work. Also it will show some files in the
root of a drive or folder once you change into it, but the last character on
every file is missing. I think this might be a bug in samba but it could be
a bug in the NetApp, Please help. Does anyone have any ideas.

Kenneth Oakeson
Microcomputer Specialist
LAN Systems Support
Texas A&M University
Office: 862-1631
email: oakie at

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