Yet another oddity

Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at
Wed Jul 5 17:49:39 GMT 2000

To recap.. my latest installation using SAMBA in an NT domain is working
well. I am using using Linux (RedHat dist 6.2) and the latest stable
SAMBA (.07). I have an NT box as the PDC, for now, and a Linux file
server with SAMBA and 70 clients.  The clients are a mixed bag including
older windows 95 clients. Security is domain.

Here is the oddity...

We suffered a blue screen of death on the NT PDC. The Linux/SAMBA server
remained on-line. Upon reboot of the PDC nobody could log on. A little
investigation points to the fact the Linux/SAMBA apparently took over as
the PDC or at least partially so. The NT box reported that there was
another PDC for the domain.

I had to turn SAMBA off then re-boot the PDC then start SAMBA to restore
"normal" operation. Is this the way it works?

Any comments would be appreciated...


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