Using NT 4.0 WKS and Novell Client

Darren Hammond darren at
Wed Jul 5 17:31:52 GMT 2000

I'm not sure I reapplied it after every change. It certainly was the last thing
I did on the test workstation Still no joy with SP4. I suspect a later SP will
not have much effect. I will try SP6A tomorrow anyway when I find the disk. I
haven't tried the Terminal Servers yet. (SP5)

I'm going to download TNG at the weekend and start looking at that. 

On Wed, 05 Jul 2000, you wrote:
> Paul J Collins wrote:
> > 
> > >>>>> "Darren" == Darren Hammond <darren at> writes:
> > 
> >     Darren> Occasionally I see a message refering to an access
> >     Darren> violation error on winlogon.exe, but I'm not sure if this
> >     Darren> a symptom rather than a cause.
> > 
> > I presume that you have reapplied your service pack after each of
> > these network configuration changes (including client
> > installs/reinstalls)?  Tedious, I know, but vital.
> > 
> > Paul.
> > 
> Paul is right, reapplyng service pack is vital,
> if however your problem persist I think the Novell Client, assusmes some
> kind of data normally set by an NT PDC (but not by samba 2.0.x) on logon
> answer to be set and crashes on a non tested condition.
> If this is the case it would be interesting to see what would happen
> with PDC support from samba TNG (that is more complete than 2.0.x).
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