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Wed Jul 5 13:42:35 GMT 2000

Martin Kuhne wrote:
> No way, the ACLs that restrict access are inside ntuser.dat
> regards
> Martin

Sorry for the previous incomplete answer!

Ok there was a misunderstaing.
I thought we were talking about permissions on the file system.
Well my previous answer will make the home usable by the users as samba
will authenticate file requests accordingly to the user's unix requests.
A different story is the acl's on the registry saved into the ntuser.dat

But at this point you may perform another operation:
I've not tested this operation on a samba domain, but the copy profile
in Control Panel -> System Properties -> User Profiles provides the
possibility to change an user profile ownership while copying it.
Certainly it would be a pain an should be done only if maintaing a new
profile is needed (otherwise removing ntuser.dat file will make winnt
recrate a new one from the default profile).
Remember that files placed on the desktop are in the profile directory
so removing the entire profile may leed to the loosing of those files.

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