Using NT 4.0 WKS and Novell Client

Darren Hammond darren at
Tue Jul 4 17:37:23 GMT 2000

Sorry for needing that spelt out. I finally got around to trying this today. It
has cleared up a few anomolies in MS browsing - thanks, but
sadly I still get STOP errors and a blue screen when logging in with the Novell
Client. If I uninstall the Novell Client or use the MS one, it works fine. I can
even log in as a domain administrator, run scripts, etc.

The only binding to Server & Workstation is wins client(tcp/ip). Is this normal?
The only other service is Novell Client for Windows NT which is bound to the
IPX/SPX compatible Transport.

I checked all the bindings before and after the Novell Client was uninstalled.
Other than the removal of the Novell Client Service, there was no change

Occasionally I see a message refering to an access violation error on
winlogon.exe, but I'm not sure if this a symptom rather than a cause.

If anyone has any bright ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. For reference, Client
is 4.7.1, samba is 2.0.7.  smb.conf is based on D.Bannon's example.


On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> [Darren Hammond <darren at>]
> > Unfortunately, the system I've inherited uses Zenworks to distribute
> > applications and I believe I need the Novell Client for this. That
> > bit works well, so I don't really want to change it.
> I think he meant just go to the "bindings" tab, view "all services" and
> make sure services like Server and Workstation are *not* bound to
> IPX/SPX but only TCP/IP.
> Peter

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