Mike mjwestkamper at
Tue Jul 4 17:43:11 GMT 2000

My latest installation using SAMBA in an NT domain is working well. I
have one very flukey problem.. I am using using Linux (RedHat dist 6.2)
and the latest stable SAMBA (.07). I have an NT box as the PDC, for now,
and a Linux file server with SAMBA and 70 clients.  The clients are a
mixed bag including older windows 95 clients. Security is domain. It
seems where and how I start SAMBA makes a difference on the '95 logons.
My question then is...

Is there a preferred method for bring SAMBA up on boot? How to start,
what parameters and in what sequence?

By the way I did RTFM and could not seen to find an answer.


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