Any linux utility like nt's rcmd out there?

Elrond elrond at
Tue Jul 4 15:43:55 GMT 2000

On Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 05:13:55PM +1000, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Walter Dresen < at>]
> > sometimes i boot into linux at work (suse 6.3 and samba 2.0.7). is
> > there any utility out there like rcmd that comes with nt reskit so
> > that i could do things like unlocking nt accounts or resetting
> > passwords?
> I do not know what rcmd does, but `rpcclient' and/or `samedit' seem to
> be what you want.  I'm a little unclear on the distinction between the
> two, since rpcclient does seem to support user management functions,
> but samedit (which, BTW, exists only in TNG) seems to be the
> Enlightened Way.

samedit is just a subset of rpcclient, nothing more. It
simply only contains the commands used for usermanagement.
If you like to have all commands at hand, use rpcclient, if
you want a smaller list of commands,when you type "help",
use samedit or one of the other subset-tools.



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