Samba Head w/ TNG setup - multiple .SID files?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Jul 3 13:07:07 GMT 2000

  [Samuel Greenfeld <Gree3776 at>]
> > ERROR: Samba cannot create a SAM SID for its domain (TESTDOM1).
> > both /etc/MACHINE.SID and /etc/TESTDOM1.SID exist when only one should, unable to continue

[Simo Sorce <simo.sorce at>]
> HAve you tested with a symbolic link?
> mv TESTDOM1.SID.backup
> ln -s /etc/MACHINE.SID /etc/TESTDOM1.SID

I doubt it would help.  TNG is complaining that you still have your
"legacy" file around.  It figures you've got a misconfiguration
somewhere so it refuses to go on.

Try setting `--sysconfdir' (in `configure') to unique directories like
/etc/samba-tng and /etc/samba-head.  *Then* try the symlink idea....


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