Michael Glauche mg at
Mon Jul 3 07:13:13 GMT 2000

> Hi,
> I know that the permissions for the smbpasswd file are supposed to be
> rw------- (for good reason ;-)), but does it matter who owns it? I have
> followed Lars' FAQ and created a non-root domain administrator, but in
> doing so, I cannot add a machine account from an NT box using the NT
> boxy thing. This also means that to do any account administration, I
> must ssh to the box and run smbpasswd / rpcclient. What are other people
> doing to overcome this problem (this is, of course, assuming that I
> haven't overlooked anything and there *is* a problems).

look in the archive. There was quite some discussion about this topic,
and IIRC some people event wanted to have smbpasswd rw-rw----, 
with uid root and gid of domain admins (or sambam or any other special
group noone else is member of), so that a domain admin could add users,
reset machine account, etc.


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