TNG? Does it work?

Lawrence Cotnam Jr. larry at
Sun Jul 2 21:17:42 GMT 2000

Hello... I'm sure this question has been answered, quite extensively, but
the mailing list archive is down and I'm just baffled.  I've used CVS to
pull latest TNG sources, compiled, and installed it.  But I can't get it to
work at all.

I use smbpasswd to add my account (I have encrypt passwords = yes) and set
security to 'user', but everytime I try to connect from my Windows 2000
Professional box, I can't.. the log file says my password doesn't match.  I
also can't connect with smbclient, using the account.  Same error.

What could I possibly be doing wrong?  I migrated my smb.conf from 2.0.7
(which works perfectly).

About the only thing I can do is after creating 'root' with smbpasswd, I can
use samedit to connect and do SOME things, but not very much.

Any help would be appreciated.  :-)

Lawrence D. Cotnam Jr.
(775) 337-2536
email: larry at

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