MIgration. in Hell

satan flit at conex.com.br
Sun Jul 2 15:52:34 GMT 2000

Ok, I got a BAD SITUATION NOW, my IT director tell me
that I have 2
weeks to migrate a windows Nt domaint to a samba
running in the  sun
My scenary is: I have 1000 accounts in a windows
domain with roaming
profiles and home directory in 1 PDC, and I have to
migrate them to a
sun machine running solaris.
I am planning my actions, I think so the best is:
1-Do a Rescue disk on Nt.
2-Use lophtcrack to open it, and export to samba(this
is a theory).
3-Create the users on samba.
4-Open the share home, and do a Drag and drop to
transfer all the homes.

How you can see the step 2 and 5 are the hard thing,
somebody has passed
for this situation? somebody has a migration manual
for desesperate

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