Any linux utility like nt's rcmd out there?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Jul 2 07:11:51 GMT 2000

[Walter Dresen < at>]
> sometimes i boot into linux at work (suse 6.3 and samba 2.0.7). is
> there any utility out there like rcmd that comes with nt reskit so
> that i could do things like unlocking nt accounts or resetting
> passwords?

I do not know what rcmd does, but `rpcclient' and/or `samedit' seem to
be what you want.  I'm a little unclear on the distinction between the
two, since rpcclient does seem to support user management functions,
but samedit (which, BTW, exists only in TNG) seems to be the
Enlightened Way.

> i do not want to move to tng

No need to move to TNG for smbd/nmbd, but you definitely want the TNG
version of rpcclient/samedit, which is *much* more advanced than the
other branches.  Trust me on this one.


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