Samba Bug?

Holger Eilhard holger at
Sun Jul 2 02:04:14 GMT 2000


> Everything is working great now with my samba setup. I had it join the
> ntdomain and all can browse their home directories. But I did notice one
> thing in swat under server status. It states that smbd and nmbd are not
> running. But of course I know it is. Is this a bug with samba or
> swat? I am
> using redhat 6.2 and samba version 2.06 the version that is
> bundled with the
> newest version of redhat.

I had this problem, too. I think this happens if the smbd and/or nmbd lock
files aren't deleted. (e.g. not stopped by smb stop).


PS: Can anyone advise me a Samba Version with working LDAP Auth?

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