accessing Linux Samba shares in an NT Domain

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sat Jul 1 12:59:55 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Mingle <mdmingle at> writes:

    Michael> I have used Samba for about 2 years now and i have never
    Michael> had any problems setting up the shares so that my clients
    Michael> can view them. However, now i have an NT domain with a
    Michael> PDC and a BDC. I setup Samba so that it would login to
    Michael> the NT Domain and i set the password server = domainPDC
    Michael> . I have the server settings on domain in the smb.conf
    Michael> also. THe problem arises when i try to access the Samba
    Michael> shares that i have setup. WHat other settings do i have
    Michael> to change to enable browsing of my shares from another pc
    Michael> that is a member of the NT domain?

Just a couple of suggestions, as I am not quite sure what precise
problem you are experiencing.

AFAIK, you must use "wins server = ip.of.wins.server" and have "wins
support = no" for a Linux box to correctly appear in the domain's
browse list.

Some things to check:

* Which version of Samba do you have?

* Have you created a machine account in the domain and added the Linux
  box to the domain with smbpasswd -j DOMAIN?

* Does the user who is trying to access the Linux box have an account
  on the box?  (This merely needs to exist, its password, etc. are not
  used by Samba.)

* Does accessing the Linux shares directly with \\SERVER\SHARE from
  the Run dialog on the Windows box work?


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