strange behavior with roaming-profiles on NT4 and samba2.06

peter pilsl pilsl at
Sun Apr 30 11:23:56 GMT 2000

nt4/sp6a-clients with domainserver (samba2.06a)

There is some strange things when creating a desktopfile on machineA.
Then I delete it on machineB (after loggedoff on A) and when logging on
A again its here again.

Here is a detailed description of what I mean:

I logon machine A and create two files on the desktop
I logoff machine A 
(looking on the server in my profile shows that the files are there now)
I logon machine B and have the two files. 
I delete them 
I logoff machine B
(looking on the server shows that the files are not there any more)
I logon machine B, find no files and logoff.
I logon machine A again and suddenly have the two files again !!!!
I logoff machine A and now the files are stored on the server again!!

The files where stored in the local copy of the profile on machineA but 
shouldnt they be deleted when loggin on again ?
Or is this some microsoft-feature again !!

it is a very nasty things, cause of my users dont always sit on the same
machine and I dont want to disable local profilecaching, cause the
profiles get really big (>100MB) cause of local outlookcaches of
big imap-folders.



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