I don't know what's wrong :(

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at aw.com.pl
Sat Apr 29 19:05:00 GMT 2000

Lars Kneschke wrote:
> Rafał Szcześniak wrote:
> >
> > I start each daemon using shell script, but netlogond, lsarpcd
> > and samrd don't work.
> Don't know about your problem, but in /sambasourcetree/source/sript you
> will find samba-init.d, which will start all your necessary daemons. No
> need to write your own shellscript.
Yes, i know that. I found it right after writing my script :) Both of
looks similiar, so i use my script. After all, this one placed in source
tree looks like written for RedHat (i use Debian), though it absolutely
doesn't matter in this case.

> > They do not create sockets in
> > var/locks/.msrpc. Interesting is, that there's no error or warning
> > msg in log files. They seem to just start and exit immediately.
> > Below are output of my testparm and log.samrd.
> > Am I so stupid to miss something obvious ? Help !
> > I read many good things about samba-tng after recent bug-fixes.
> > It's hard to believe, that for most of you samba-tng works
> > fine, and for me - not.
> Get's the log files created?
Sorry, i didn't understand what do you mean.


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