Compilation Problems Samba TNG-2.5 --with-profile

Matt Monacelli mam1281 at
Sat Apr 29 18:43:51 GMT 2000

I mistyped - my netlogon is not writable, and my profile share
is.  Win9x is a pain, but not much I can do at the moment.  Grr.  Also,
I know my machine is slow (DEC Multia) but it takes an enormous amount
of time to perform SAMBA operations - accessing shares, logging in,
etc.  I remember with Samba 2.0 it was always quick (no noticeable
lagging).  Just a note...

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000, Paul J Collins wrote:

>>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Monacelli <mam1281 at> writes:
>    Matthew> When using Win9x machines on the network, how, after
>    Matthew> compiling with the --with-profile option, get the Win9x
>    Matthew> machines to start using the server to store profile info
>    Matthew> for already existing users (in Win)?  I've setup the
>You don't need to use the --with-profile option to get support for
>user profiles.  That option is used for profiling samba's code, to
>record which functions are called by which, how often, and how long
>they take to execute.  You do not need this option.
>I believe that there issues in the Windows 9x client relating to
>profiles; I'm not too sure quite what as I only have NT here.
>    Matthew> smb.conf like in the examples, but nothing is being
>    Matthew> created in the netlogon share (yes it is writable - I
>    Matthew> chmoded it like in the FAQ).  Thanks for any
>The netlogon share should *not* be writable.  Netlogon is used to
>store logon scripts, and users should not be able to alter them.
>Profiles are normally stored in a separate profile share, which *is*
>    Matthew> help.  By the way, as an aside question, I've been having
>    Matthew> some profile troubles in windows itself.  I was trying to
>    Matthew> clean up the "non-profile" directories, such as
>    Matthew> C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP" from when I didn't use individual
>    Matthew> profiles so that new users don't have all the crap I used
>    Matthew> to have on the desktop and other stuff added (especially
>    Matthew> my Outlook Express profile which isn't password protected
>    Matthew> upon creating the new profile).  Thanks again...
>I'm pretty sure that Windows 9x runs special programs when a new
>profile is created to add all that junk (you recall that "Adding
>Personalized Settings" dialog?); I'm not sure quite what you can do
>about it.  Unlike Windows NT, Windows 9x doesn't have an "All Users"
>virtual profile that affects all profiles.  If you look at the
>Passwords control panel, you can see that you decide if desktops and
>start menus are shared or not.  That is a global option, I believe.
>To be honest, whenever I come across a 9x machine with profiles
>enabled, I turn it off.  It's more trouble that it's worth.

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