Compilation Problems Samba TNG-2.5 --with-profile

Paul J Collins sneakums at
Sat Apr 29 17:47:08 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Monacelli <mam1281 at> writes:

    Matthew> When using Win9x machines on the network, how, after
    Matthew> compiling with the --with-profile option, get the Win9x
    Matthew> machines to start using the server to store profile info
    Matthew> for already existing users (in Win)?  I've setup the

You don't need to use the --with-profile option to get support for
user profiles.  That option is used for profiling samba's code, to
record which functions are called by which, how often, and how long
they take to execute.  You do not need this option.

I believe that there issues in the Windows 9x client relating to
profiles; I'm not too sure quite what as I only have NT here.

    Matthew> smb.conf like in the examples, but nothing is being
    Matthew> created in the netlogon share (yes it is writable - I
    Matthew> chmoded it like in the FAQ).  Thanks for any

The netlogon share should *not* be writable.  Netlogon is used to
store logon scripts, and users should not be able to alter them.
Profiles are normally stored in a separate profile share, which *is*

    Matthew> help.  By the way, as an aside question, I've been having
    Matthew> some profile troubles in windows itself.  I was trying to
    Matthew> clean up the "non-profile" directories, such as
    Matthew> C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP" from when I didn't use individual
    Matthew> profiles so that new users don't have all the crap I used
    Matthew> to have on the desktop and other stuff added (especially
    Matthew> my Outlook Express profile which isn't password protected
    Matthew> upon creating the new profile).  Thanks again...

I'm pretty sure that Windows 9x runs special programs when a new
profile is created to add all that junk (you recall that "Adding
Personalized Settings" dialog?); I'm not sure quite what you can do
about it.  Unlike Windows NT, Windows 9x doesn't have an "All Users"
virtual profile that affects all profiles.  If you look at the
Passwords control panel, you can see that you decide if desktops and
start menus are shared or not.  That is a global option, I believe.

To be honest, whenever I come across a 9x machine with profiles
enabled, I turn it off.  It's more trouble that it's worth.


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