Compiling for use on another host

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sat Apr 29 14:43:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Kneschke <lars at> writes:

    Lars> On the compile machine:
    Lars> /configure --prefix=/your/favorite/path
    Lars> make 
    Lars> make install

    Lars> This will install all necessary files under
    Lars> /your/favorite/path. Now you create a tar archive from this
    Lars> directory and untar it on the other machine and all is fine!

If you want to install under /usr, /usr/local, or some other tree that
is already populated on the compile machine, you can simply configure
and build as normal and then install like so:

# make install prefix=/a/tempoarary/path
# cd /a/temporary/path
# tar cfz ~/samba-bin.tar.gz *

The simply transfer the archive to the server machine:

# cd /path/it/was/built/for
# tar xfz /path/to/samba-bin.tar.gz


The prefix trick will work with almost any package that uses autoconf
and automake.  Note that the installation stage will generate spurious
message from libtool about how to link to the libraries etc.  I use
this hack^Wtrick^Wtechnique to manage packages using GNU Stow.


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