Samba PDC with a Windows 2000 client

Lars Kneschke lars at
Fri Apr 28 19:54:25 GMT 2000

Rich Alimi wrote:
> I have set up a Samba PDC using the pre-3.0 version of samba.  (I last
> updated my source via cvs and recompiled samba this afternoon - Apr 27,
> 2000.)  I have been having problems getting a Windows 2000 Professional
> client to join the domain.  When I change the settings to join the domain,
> Windows asks me for a username and password with permission to join the
> domain.  I have not seen any mention of this username/password prompt in
> documentation that I have found on the internet on both and
>  When I create a user on the PDC and add the user to the
> smbpasswd file and try to enter that username/password combination in the
> dialog above, Windows returns a "procedure number out of range" error
> message.  I have created the machine trust accounts using the following
> procedure ('ralimi', 'palimi', and 'laptop' are the computernames of the 3
> windows 2000 clients):
> groupadd -g 800 nttrust
> useradd -u 801 -g nttrust -d /dev/null -s /bin/false ralimi$
> useradd -u 802 -g nttrust -d /dev/null -s /bin/false palimi$
> useradd -u 803 -g nttrust -d /dev/null -s /bin/false laptop$
> smbpasswd -a -m ralimi
> smbpasswd -a -m palimi
> smbpasswd -a -m laptop
> I then rebooted the Linux machine, and once booted, I made sure that both
> smbd and nmbd were running.  Then, on one of the Windows 2000 machines, I
> opened the System properties, then on the Network Identification page, I
> pressed Properties.  I selected the Domain option, typed 'DOMAIN' in the
> edit box, then pressed OK.  Then, I received the prompt for a username and
> password with permission to join the domain.
Which Samba version do you use?

You need Samba TNG which have more daemons then smbd and nmbd. You can
find out more about samba tng at my homepage. .


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