Compiling for use on another host

Lars Kneschke lars at
Fri Apr 28 20:00:15 GMT 2000

Rafa³ Szcze¶niak wrote:
> What parameter should i set in "configure" cmd line to do
> the following:
>   1. compile samba-tng on one host (with faster CPU,
>      bigger RAM, etc.).
>   2. move compiled source tree to another host in network.
>   3. perform "make install" on that host and start samba.
Make shure you use the same libraries on both systems(glibc, ...). The
best way is to use the same distributions on both systems. Moving the
compiled source tree is problematic. Because when you call make install
on the other system, it will check if some include-files have another
timestamp and will compile most of the source new. I would do this:

On the compile machine:
./configure --prefix=/your/favorite/path
make install

This will install all necessary files under /your/favorite/path. Now you
create a tar archive from this directory and untar it on the other
machine and all is fine!


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