Problems Starting SAMBA

Jim Levie Jim.Levie at
Sat Apr 29 04:06:16 GMT 2000

Rafa³ Szcze¶niak wrote:
> Alfredo Ramos wrote:
> >
> > I start the daemons with the -D option and still do the same thing and I'm
> > using TNG 2.5.
> I update samba-tng (and samba-main) every day, recently. Whether i use
> "-D" or not, results are the same: i can't get it to work.
> I'd try, use it and help sending possible bug reports with pleasure,
> but i can't do it with samba "out of order".
> The problem is also, that i did't see ANY error messages is logs.
> Not even in syslog ! I'm afraid i don't know sources so good, to just
> use gdb to check what's going on.
> I'm starting to think, i'm too stupid to play with cvs release
> (no problems with 2.0.5a as "PDC").

We've spent a lot of time trying to get TNG to work on Solaris 2.7
and/or RedHat 6.2 with essentially no success. I can get TNG to sort of
work as a PDC with NT4.0 clients some of the time (and only NT4.0
clients, win95/98 clients are right out), but have never managed to get
a TNG BDC to work nor have I ever managed to get a TNG domain member to
work. Yesterday I decided to go back to using the Head branch, which had
worked before. Except for a problem with gcc having an internal error
w/optimzation on in rpcclient.c (fix by using Sun's cc or turn off
optimization), it's worked perfectly.

While I understand the attraction of splitting smbd & nmbd into lots of
small daemons, I'm not convinced that it's been a good idea. I've found
it exceedingly difficult to try to figure out what's not working and why
when having to look at all those log files and try to correlate what I
see in one with what's in the others.  I have some suspicions that at
least some of the Solaris problems may be directly attributed to the
daemons being split out.
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