Samba TNG-2.5 and NT Server tools

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sat Apr 29 02:43:36 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle Peterson <kyle_peterson1 at> writes:

    Kyle> Hi, I am having a problem where I can't use server manager
    Kyle> or user manager for domains under Win NT 4.0 Svc pack 6.  I
    Kyle> can add machines under service manager ONLY when I am root,
    Kyle> it won't work as any other user even though i've added them
    Kyle> to the domainadmin group (this is mapped to Domain Admins).
    Kyle> User manager sometimes works as root, but it never works as
    Kyle> another user.  When I'm root I keep getting errors about the
    Kyle> user already existing in a group.  When I try adding a user
    Kyle> or machine as another domain admin, I get "Access Denied".
    Kyle> Is it supposed to let root only add machines and users?

Before you add a user using User Manager, the corresponding Unix user
must already exist on the server.


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