Samba TNG-2.5 and NT Server tools

Kyle Peterson kyle_peterson1 at
Wed Apr 26 23:34:42 GMT 2000

Hi, I am having a problem where I can't use server manager or user manager
for domains under Win NT 4.0 Svc pack 6.  I can add machines under service
manager ONLY when I am root, it won't work as any other user even though
i've added them to the domainadmin group (this is mapped to Domain Admins).
User manager sometimes works as root, but it never works as another user.
When I'm root I keep getting errors about the user already existing in a
group.  When I try adding a user or machine as another domain admin, I get
"Access Denied".  Is it supposed to let root only add machines and users?
Also, is there anyway around the "user already in a group" error?

*Note - I can delete a machine within server manager with any user in the
"Domain Admins" group, but can add only with root.

Thank you;
Kyle Peterson

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