smb.conf differences between 2.0.6 and TNG?

Diegmueller, Jason (I.T. Dept) diegmuej at
Fri Apr 28 20:36:51 GMT 2000


I attempted a dropin replacement of TNG from 2.0.6.  Same
smb.conf, which is basically a vanilla "domain member" 
smb.conf which redirects all username/password combos to 
one of our NT Domain Controllers.

I start up all the daemons with -D, and now all I get is
log.smb complaining:

  error connecting to (Connection refused)

twice, then a

  prs_grow_data: 4 > 0

Is there something serious in "security = " that changes from
2.0.6 to SAMBA_TNG?  I'm on an NT Workstation with SP5 ..

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