Compiling for use on another host

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Fri Apr 28 20:07:47 GMT 2000

Kurt Fitzner wrote:
> What I have done with some success, is to use chroot in conjunction with nfs.
> I have a small Linux gateway (guardian), and my main Linux server (hack).  I
> have guardian's root directory exported to hack via nfs.  What I do when i
> want to compile samba on guardian is:
>  1) Run configure while actually logged into guardian.  Theconfigure script
> has real problems with nfs.
>  2) While logged into hack, I switch directories into guardian's NFS mount
> point and do a 'chroot .' (have to be root).
>  3) Once I am 'chrooted', I am essentially using hack's CPU in guardian's
> installation.  Every binary I run is from guardian, all the libraries that
> are loaded are from guardian.  I can even 'su' into users on guardian that
> don't exist on hack.  NFS and chroot can really be your friend.
> At this point, I do a make, and make install.  Works likea  charm.  I
> sometimes have to remember not to try and run samba this way, since a chroot
> doesn't magically remap ethernet cards. :)
> Hope this helps.
>         Kurt.

Interesting solution. I have to try it.
thank you.


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