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Thu Apr 27 23:18:29 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Colby <kevinc at> writes:

    Kevin> Ah, this explains it.  So essentially, NT is kludging
    Kevin> around the concept of importing the global groups by adding
    Kevin> them to local groups?  Then I would agree.  Thanks for the
    Kevin> clarification.

The real problem occurs with the names they chose for the two types of
group; they don't really describe their behaviour in any sensible
fashion.  All you can do, like learning irregular verbs, is bash it
into your head repeatedly.

  Windows 2000, by the way, adds a new kind of group: the Universal
  group, which can contain users from any domain (as long as it is
  trusted by the domain the group is in) and can be nested
  arbitrarily.  Universal groups are only applicable in "native mode",

  As usual, there are different restrictions on the names allowed for
  the three types of group.


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