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Osama Abu-Aish osabmt00 at
Thu Apr 27 23:27:38 GMT 2000

hi out there,

I tried to join a TNG-WKS to an NT4SP5 controlled Domain. Thereby I
found some strange behaivor of smbpasswd:

first: smbpasswd -a root
-> entered passwd containing a number, let's say abcde1fg
-> User root added blablablabla, everything looks fine.

When trying to join the domain with rpcclient or samedit:
use \\samba-wks -Uroot%abcde1fg -Wsamba-wks

Connection:     error connecting to (Connection refused)
failed session setup
cli_net_use_add: connection failed

then I - just for fun - tried without the "1":
use \\samba-wks -Uroot%abcdefg -Wsamba-wks

Connection:     error connecting to (Connection refused)
session setup ok
Domain=[NT-DOMAIN] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba TNG-alpha]

Then I su'ed to another user and tried
smbpasswd -U root -r
old: abcde1fg
new: something
new: something

error connecting to (Connection refused)
machine rejected the password change: Error was : The specified password is 
Failed to change password for root

again without "1"

Password changed for user root

then I did the following:
smbpasswd -U root -r (note that the account exists in smbpasswd now)
old: valid passwd
new: abcde1fg
new: abcde1fg

Password changed for user root

and from now on abcde1fg is correctly accepted as password.

What does this mean?

Greetings, Osama
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