Samba TNG FAQ updated

Kevin Colby kevinc at
Thu Apr 27 19:40:11 GMT 2000

Maybe it's just me, but you lost me here.  Your statements
seem to contradict each other.  Why do you think this is
not needed?  Paragraphs 2 and down seem to indicate it
_is_ needed.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc at

Paul J Collins wrote:
> I don't think Samba needs to support nesting of global groups in local
> groups in its own SAM.  The nesting support on the workstations and
> servers is all you need for the domain to operate correctly.
> Whenever you join a machine to a domain, the global groups "Domain
> Admins", "Domain Guests" and "Domain Users" get added to the
> workstations corresponding local groups (in fact, WSes can *only* have
> local groups).  That is:
> Global group            inserted into   local group
> DOMAIN\Domain Admins                    WS\Administrators
> DOMAIN\Domain Guests                    WS\Guests
> DOMAIN\Domain Users                     WS\Users
> Since a workstation grants the right "Log on locally" to WS\Users by
> default, the insertion of DOMAIN\Domain Admins into WS\Users enables
> all domain users to log into that workstation.
> [...]

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