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Thu Apr 27 19:14:46 GMT 2000



Now that I have that out my system.  Samba TNG 2.5 on a SuSE Linux 6.1
box.  Everything appears to be completely funtional.  I haven't run it
through all it's paces yet, but I am logged into the domain, my profile
is valid, my login script works, and I am local adminstrator on the box
(I haven't installed User Manager for Domains yet so I don't know about
Domain admin status).  My startup script said something failed (it is
not specific enough, I need to rewrite it), but everything appears to be
working.  I am going to have to search the logs to find out if one of
the Daemons did not start.  If so, I can't see what it could be
affecting.  The various domain related pocesses seem stable on the
client box (I was having problems with earlier versions crashing
lsass.exe (I think that was the name), and most of my services along
with it when I was a member of the domain.  Even if I wasn't logged into
the domain).   I still ahve testing to do, but at the most basic and
important level... IT WORKS!!!!   As a side note, it is a lot easier to
debug this stuff when you are reading the right log files... I somehow
missed it when TNG moved them into /usr/local/samba/var from /var/log.

Thank you,
Trevor Antczak
Technology Manager
Steinmetz & Associates

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