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Lars Kneschke lars at
Thu Apr 27 18:47:21 GMT 2000

Paul J Collins wrote:
> I also made a statement that DOMAIN\Domain Admins (as well as Domain
> Users and Domain Guests) are not added to the equivalent local groups
> on the domain controllers (i.e. in the domain SAM).  In fact, they
> are.  I checked today on a few NT domains.
Yes, i was checking this today too. I hope we mean the same! :-)

It's a windows NT network only.
If a add a user to <Windows NT Domain>\Administrators(which is shown as
local group), and there after switch to the local domain(= workstation
name) in usermanager for domains, the user isn't anymore in the local
Administartors group.
So it must be possible to do teh same with Samba TNG. At least it should
be able to add a user to the Administrators group, without the need to
modify the groups at the workstation. 
Am i right? Correct me if i'm wrong.

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