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Anthony Brock abrock at
Thu Apr 27 13:59:19 GMT 2000

At 10:55 PM 4/26/00 -0700, lkcl at wrote:
>On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Anthony Brock wrote:
> >> When connecting to other servers (which are domain members, running
> >Samba
> >> 2.0.6a), I am only able to connect if my username and password are
> >> identical in the LOCAL smbpasswd file of THAT machine.  If I already
> >have
> >> an account on the machine, but no smbpasswd entry, or if I have an
> >entry
> >> but a different password, I cannot connect.
>this is the correct behaviour if you just connect as user.
>yes.  what happens if you connect as DOMAIN\user not just user?  if *that*
>is doing the same thing _that's_ a bug.

Hmmm, not certain how to check this from a Win98 or Win95 machine (the 
campus I am currently at does not have WinNT Workstations).  What strikes 
me as wrong is that we are logged into the domain (at least, as far as 
Windows 95/98 is capable), and it seems like Samba (2.0.6/2.0.7) should be 
checking the passwords against the domain controller (since we have 
'security = DOMAIN' directive).

> >> Also, and of more immediate importance, is when I connect to the PDC
> >and
> >> view the shares.  Regardless of what user I login as, I see the
> >standard
> >> list of shares, and the 'root' share (home directory for root).
>oh dear, that is wrong.  what clients?

These are Windows 95 and Windows 98.  Again, this week I do not have any 
Windows NT clients available.

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