netlogond 95%cpu

Olivier Brousselle Olivier.Brousselle at
Thu Apr 27 11:13:09 GMT 2000

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton a écrit :
> olivier reports netlogond going into a tizzy, if you do not successfully
> get a login prompt in under 10 seconds once joined to the domain, this is
> likely to be happening.
> description: when first joining, nt client likes to set password to random
> value (from well-known one, using well-known one as key to random one.
> pointless, really).
> consequences: if this fails, ALL subsequent logins fail.  end of story.
> i asked olivier to check that he has unique usernames / group names across
> his entire unix pwdb, this could be causing netlogond to go into an
> infinite loop somewhere.

I've checked my password files and group file. 
Result is unique usernames, unique group names. And logins are different
of group name.

A question, is there a forked function in netlogond program. I think
possible that my compiler may not compile as well this part of Samba.
My compiler is egcs 2.91.66.

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