Cannot log on: C000019B

David Champion dgc at
Thu Apr 27 08:10:35 GMT 2000

Trying to log into a workstation controlled by a Samba "PDC", NT gives
me an error:
	The system can not log you on (C000019B).  Please try again or
	consult your system administrator.

I'm running 2.0.7 on Solaris 8.  This didn't happen with my previous
Samba build, taken from the CVS on March 23.

I'm assuming that 0xC000019B is an error code handed to NT by Samba.  I
recognize 0xC0000000 as the base number for many conditions, but 0x19B
(411) does not compute.  It's identified in include/nterr.h as
NT_STATUS_DOMAIN_TRUST_INCONSISTENT.  I'm willing to buy that this
might be my trouble, but I can't find any spot in Samba that issues

There are some odd issues in my build (I'm authenticating from our
campus qi server), so I don't expect any definite solutions from the
list.  But can someone please help me to identify the meaning of this
error message, so I can find what I need to fix?


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